'Artist's Statement' 

(This text was editable online by visitors to this website between October 2013 and October 2014)

Laissez Faire


For Remi Fox-Novák

Released mid May 2020

Ivan Poe


Collaboration with Reactor and Jez Noond

Released Summer 2020

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A-B Testing

Jay-Z drinks Red Bull on Flight to Chongqing 

'I am trying to make something positive and physical out of the hours I have spent playing on Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga, I wanted to claw something cultural back'.

Jay-Z drinks Red Bull on Flight to Chongqing #1-#5 2014
Plan print on paper
1184mm x 841mm (46.8 in x 33.1 in).

The prints were made as an attempt to rid his addiction to popular iPhone games ‘Angry Birds’, ‘Candy Crush Saga’ and ‘Where’s My Water’.

Numbered 1-5 the prints each entitled ‘Jay-Z drinks Red Bull on Flight to Chongqing’ 2014 are a series of large digitally-generated collages inspired by the hugely addictive smartphone games.

‘The prints are probably what the games look like in your subconscious, bits of exploding graphics and pixels’

The artwork is abstract, but with a closer look recognisable elements, such as a swoosh of oh-so familiar lettering or a tooth or two belonging to one of the beloved characters pokes through.