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Bruce Asbestos S/S 2021
Digital Catwalk

10 Minute 20 Seconds

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Bruce Asbestos S/S 2021 is part of the Government Art Collection.


Artist and designer Bruce Asbestos employs experimental 3D modelling and rendering to create a playful digital catwalk for his Spring/Summer collection.   Informed by research trips to New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia combined with Asbestos’s love of American pop culture, the outfits shown on the catwalk muse on the power of cultural identity within a globalised visual culture.

The catwalk features wild interpretations of American icons including ‘Kroc’, a crocodile character based on the American McDonald’s tycoon Ray Kroc, who made the company a defining symbol of American capitalism.


The catwalk also references Asbestos’ recurring motif, the 'Eye of Newt', an ingredient famously used by the witches in Shakespeare’s Macbeth.  Seen as a quintessentially British symbol and as a possible symbol of hopefulness in these difficult times, Asbestos has created a new inflatable artwork based on the ‘Eye of Newt’.  



Bruce Asbestos S/S 2021

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