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Bruce Asbestos’ A/W 2018 Collection Launch and Catwalk
7-9pm Saturday 19th May 2018

Bruce Asbestos' very first clothing collection, launches at Nottingham Contemporary.


Based on Hansel & Gretel, a traditional folk story made popular by the Brothers Grimm the event will showcase new outrageous outfits, complicated characters and beautiful ready-to-wear clothes. The performative event will focus on the transformative nature of things in the story; houses can be made of food, birds can be used as boats and children can become murderers.


The collection features collaborations with Ruby Kirby, Alison Lloyd and students from Nottingham Trent University. 


The costume designs incorporate elements of the story, and focuses of the transformative nature of things in the story; houses can be made of food, and birds can be used as boats.

These European fairy tales, are bizarre, weird and pop, but importantly they’ve also weathered the test of time, and the surreal nature is the basis of our pop culture.       
Bruce has worked on the collection with students from Textile Design, Costume Design and Making and Fashion Communication and Promotion. 

The free event is sold out, but limited tickets will be released in the week leading up to the catwalk. The catwalk will also be live streamed on his Facebook page.

I wanted to create an artwork in which everyone could participate in. Even the most unfashionable person still makes decisions about what clothes they wear. I want people to feel included in this work that it comes from a shared history and that they feel connected to that. Their decision to wear jeans today is as valid as my decision to make a hat. Art is at its basis a series of choices and decisions. Art essentially exercising what it is to be human.

Bruce Asbestos A/W 2018, Supported by Arts Council England. 


Collection by Bruce Asbestos 
Additional design and production Ruby Kirby


Catwalk photographs by David Severn

BTS photographs by James E Smith, Alison Lloyd, video production by Reece Straw. 

Production Support, Alba Colomo, Jim Brouwer and Hannah Parikh

Eleanor Sikorski, Susie Henderson, Paul Kindersley, Joshua Lockwood-Moran
Lindsey Mendick, Feng-Ru Lee, Urara Tsuchiya, Pádraig Condron, Laura Hutchins, Liam Clair, Lauren brooks, Verity Heald

Makeup / Hair
Clare Gregory & Team


Costume Production and Development

Charlotte Hill, Carla Lynas, Soph Brown, Alexandra Maharry, Laura Kreicmonyte, Jenny Larkins, Charlotte E Godfrey, Jenny McInally

Charlotte Saunders, Zoe Brice, Madalina Cotea, Megan-Eve Hollins, Teigan Wheeler, Hannah Smith, Bryony Hollier, Katie Sayer, Beth Howell

Additional Textile Design

Laura Hutchins, Liam Clair, Molly O'Doherty, Lauren Brooks, Lauren Stacey, Steph Simpson
Edible trousers made with Kimberly Bell

Bruce Asbestos Logo
Illustrated by Nick Chaffe


Supported by Arts Council England, Nottingham Contemporary and through, Nottingham Trent School of Art & Design Placements and Projects. 

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