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Inspiration AROUND Every Turn

At Faster Horse, we believe in the power of daily innovation. Every 24 hours, we challenge the status quo, creating a new vision of what fashion can be.

Our Principles:

  1. Relentless Innovation: Like the leap from horse to automobile, we're not content with incremental change. We're here to revolutionize the fashion industry, one day at a time.

  2. Sustainable by Design: We don't just use recycled materials; we breathe new life into them. Every garment is a testament to the beauty of renewal and the potential of the discarded.

  3. Technology Meets Craft: Our studio is where traditional craftsmanship collides with cutting-edge technology. We blend 3D modeling with hands-on creation, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in fashion design.

  4. Nottingham Proud: Rooted in the rich textile history of Nottingham, we're writing the next chapter of our city's creative legacy. Our local focus fuels our global vision.

  5. Rapid Experimentation: We embrace the power of speed. Our daily catwalk is a laboratory of ideas, where failures are as valuable as successes in driving us forward.

  6. Collaborative Spirit: We're a melting pot of Designers, Artists, makers, recent graduates, students, and apprentices. Together, we're not just learning – we're redefining what fashion education and production can be.

  7. Accessible Creativity: We believe in democratizing fashion. Our work is not hidden behind closed doors but shared daily, inviting dialogue and inspiration.

  8. Circular Economy Champions: We're closing the loop on fashion waste. Every piece we create is a step towards a more sustainable, circular future for our industry.

At Faster Horse, we're not waiting for the future of fashion – we're creating it, every single day. Join us as we gallop towards a more innovative, sustainable, and exciting fashion landscape.

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