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Launches March 2023

Star Beans is an artwork that explores the connection between the humble bean and the concepts of value and profit in capitalism.


The work invites players to reflect on the abstract, and absurd relationships between food, economics, and the natural world. At the heart of the work is the option to "opt out," allowing the world to run itself with little input from the viewer. This is an extension of Bruce Asbestos's previous games, such as "Eye of Newt," in which the player's role as an active participant is optional.

The Bean in 'Star Beans' is a combination of the physical bean as a staple food and the symbolic representation of money. The artwork looks at our understanding of the value of a bean and how that value is shaped and manipulated by societal and economic forces.

Iphone (IOS)

Star Beans is a subsidiary company of

UnProductive Solutions.

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Star Beans IOS Gameplay Image
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