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Iphone (IOS)


Bruce Asbestos' first I-phone game now available on the App Store

Bruce Asbestos's digital project The Eye of Newt is a playable interactive artwork for iOS that extends the characters from his courtyard commission, OK! Cherub!

The project features a yellow worm called Rest and green frogspawn known collectively as The Community. The artwork plays itself, so you can interact as much or as little as you want. It asks an audience to take time out and stop playing, countering the addictive interfaces that are prevalent within screen cultures. The longer you don't play, the more is unlocked.

You can also play as Rest: pressing the left and right arrows to move the worm and control the direction of the falling frogspawn. The sounds and features will change once the balls have hit all the panels.


  • Left arrow: press to move the worm Left

  • Right arrow: press to move the worm Right

  • Stick: Drop one stick.

  • Bomb: Reset the game

  • 1/2/3: Change the speed of the falling balls

Anything interesting happen in your game?

tag @bruceasbestos with your screen shots on instagram

Download on the App Store
Eye of Newt Game Preview
Eye of Newt 2.0 Game Play Screen Shot
Eye of Newt IOS Game Screen Shot
Eye of Newt Game Preview
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