Tiny Canvas Friday

A chance for people to bid on a ‘Tiny Canvas’ mini painting – of a Facebook profile pic of your choice. Super easy way to participate: Message me on http://www.facebook.com/b.asbestos with a hidden bid over £1 this Friday – Or post your bid directly onto the ‘auction’ post on my page.

1) Bidding opens 11:30 Friday – Closes 13:30

2) I will update the latest bid as the auction progresses

3) The winner will be the person with the highest bid at 13:30

If two or more people have identical bids I will put the names in a hat and draw out one winner

4) To keep it simple bidding price includes postage in the UK, and bids are in whole pounds only.

5) Winner should pay by www.paypal.com/uk sending to the email address bruceasbestos@googlemail.com on Friday before 7pm

6) And you must own the copyright to the image you want me to paint