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1000 Videos on The Creators Project / Vice  http://bit.ly/1beqst2

“This morning, we posted about The Father of Video Art and asked what Nam June Paik would do with a tablet or YouTube. Asbestos might not be taking the torch from the Korean legend, but as her editable bio notes, she’ll be making work until at least 2070. We have plenty of time to see what happens when she gives a lot to her audience.”

1000 Videos at Ouch Magazine http://buff.ly/1fpzeIO

“The videos range from the sublime and existentual “Who am I” http://youtu.be/nEJlahi_MNI to the ridiculous ,  “When was the last time you bought a DVD?” http://youtu.be/eveF7WNILm4, from the passive aggressive   “Why won’t you reply to my text message? “ http://youtu.be/zktmkDEvBdo ,  To the historic “ I have a dream” http://youtu.be/uAsfrqVf3W4 “

Interview published on NVA: http://bit.ly/1a9siAm

“In your own case, you’ve said you think of the range of things you do as parts of something that’s less like a body of work in a traditional sense, and more the idea of Bruce Asbestos as a brand. There are films, paintings, performances, teenage diaries, curating Trade Gallery…but no formula like ‘Bruce Asbestos is a painter’ or ‘Bruce Asbestos works with Social Media’ that really applies.”

Jay-Z drinks Red Bull on Flight to Chongqing #1 2014 featured on My Tumblr Is Better Than Yours http://buff.ly/1bm1ca3

Bruce’s video of the Bangkok Protests on the Guardian Witness website: http://buff.ly/1glvmJa




Bruce Asbestos

Brighton  (1982)

2012        MA, Distinction, Nottingham Trent University

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Melbourne (Scholarship)

2004        Hive, Nottingham Trent University Business School

Art BA Hons : Nottingham Trent University

2002        Arts Policy and Management : Musashino University (Musabi), Tokyo (Scholarship)

1999        Brighton College of Technology


Social Media Takeaway 3, The interview book.


2014        Social Media Takeaway Series Two - (www.youtube.com/bruceasbestos)

                  Is There Wifi? Punk & Sheep, London

                 Mexico Members Exhibition  www.m-e-x-i-c-o.co.uk

                 1000 YouTube Videos Uploaded on one day (www.youtube.com/bruceasbestos)

                 OTS/BLK, New College, Nottingham / Bergen

                 Wysing Art Centre 25 Years, Publication

2013        Social Media Takeaway Series One (13 Episodes May – August) Derby Museum and Gallery, Derby + Online (www.youtube.com/bruceasbestos)

Facebook Chat Oracle, Online (https://www.facebook.com/events/326217460838532/)

Out of this World, Syson Gallery, Nottingham

As Cardinal Keith O’Brien, Nottingham Contemporary

Embassy Annuale, Telfer Gallery, Edinburgh

Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh

Two Queens, Leicester

2012        Reactor’s Function 6, Primary, Nottingham

Circle of Transcendence , Derby Museum and Gallery, Derby

Nottingham Trent MA Degree Show, Nottingham

Circle of Transcendence, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

Open Ended Ending, Death Trap, Reactor Towers, Nottingham

Bruce Asbestos and John Harris, OTS Nottingham

Hatclub, Blackout Blitz, NYE, OTS, Nottingham


2011        An action, event or other thing that occurs or happens again, Nottingham

Quick Fox Jumps Over – EMVAN, Primary, Nottingham

The Barman in Reactor’s Green Man and Regular Fellows, Nottingham

Rhizomatic – Departure Gallery, London

Biocity Design Commission, Nottingham

Agitprop! Project Space 11, Plymouth

YH485′s print output for Outpost’s Summer Fayre, Norwich

E-Flux cover design selected by Aaron Juneau for Nottingham Contemporary, Art Basel

Hatclub, Wonky Forest, OTS, Nottingham

Hatclub, Wonky Forest, Kunst en Complex, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Residency organised by Neils Post / Kunst en Complex, Rotterdam


2010        Sideshow, Black Swan 1# Gameshow, Tether, Nottingham

Sideshow, Black Swan 2# Gameshow, Tether, Nottingham

Sideshow, Black Swan 3# Gameshow, Tether, Nottingham

Cloudhead Bus, YH485, Various locations

Big Lizard’s Big Idea, Reactor, Frankfurt, Germany


2009        Big Lizard’s Big Idea, Reactor, Newcastle


Curated Exhibitions

See http://www.tradegallery.org

Grants and Awards


2013        Funding from Arts Council England

2012        Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Melbourne (Scholarship)

2012        MA Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University, AHRC funded

2002        Arts Policy and Management : Musashino University (Musabi), Tokyo (Scholarship)


Articles and Reviews

2013      Bruce Asbestos: On Painting, Programming and Minor Internet Celebrity http://www.nottinghamvisualarts.net/articles/201311/interview-bruce-asbestos

2011      Tribute to a pioneer, Nottingham Evening Post Sept 8

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