Harley Gallery

Group Exhibition

An exhibition in two parts which presents the outcomes of different collaborations initiated by artists based at Primary in Nottingham.

Opening event with a spoken word performance by Saraa Rain: Saturday 23 January, 2-4pm

In the Paravent 
Curated by Craig Fisher and Niki Russell

Housed within a purpose-built display structure, In the Paravent brings together a range of small-scale work produced by artists working in and connected with activity in Nottingham. Drawings, paintings and a range of other objects sit within the Paravent, and the individual shelves are mirrored by cut-out sections of the walls of the gallery that frame further works. This installation made up of many parts, offers an insight into the diverse breadth of contemporary art being produced within the studios, galleries and project spaces of Nottingham today.

Bruce will be exhibiting new and old paintings, including, Bear in dark woods (two pieces) Acrylic on Canvas 2014; Lady in bath,  Acrylic on Canvas 2015; Showercap Man,  Acrylic on Canvas  2013; Naked couple,  Acrylic on Canvas 2012; Pizza Man,  Acrylic on Canvas 2012; Shy Cowboy,  Acrylic on Canvas 2015. This will be the first exhibition of Shy Cowboy, Lady in bath and Showercap Man.

Frank Abbott, Bruce Asbestos, Rob Van Beek, Rebecca Beinart, Jackie Berridge, Aimee Bollu, Wayne Burrows, Louisa Chambers, Lotti V Closs, Sean Cummins, Neil Dixon, Craig Fisher, Rob Flint, Blue Firth, Lynn Fulton, Sam Hewland, Candice Jacobs, Jake Kent, Beth Kettel, Nick Mobbs, Rebecca Ounstead, Alex Pain, Yelena Popova, Martin Rayment, Derek Sprawson, Debra Swann, Oliver Tirré.

The Harley Gallery


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The One Where We Ask What Friends Did – Oliver Braid

I had a secret piece of work in this exhibition by Oliver Braid at Wasps studios, Glasgow in November, he asked me not to tell anyone until January 2016.

Oliver Braid

The work in the exhibition is a print copy of a painting of a bears arm reaching out to touch a tree of the same colour.

I approve of the new frame too.

Oliver featured in one of my Social Media Takeaways the episode ‘New Friends’, and helped me show at the grand Talbot Rice Gallery over in Edinburgh, for The Telfer Gallery invited by Embassy’s Annuale Festival.

Oliver Braid

(b.1984, Birmingham, UK) is an acquired taste living and working in Phew. He has presented solo exhibitions and projects throughout the UK, these include: I’ll Look Forward To It, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, part of New Work Scotland (2011), My Five New Friends, The Royal Standard, Liverpool (2012),Snorlax Beanbag, Intermediary Gallery, CCA Glasgow (2013) and Communal Dolphin Snouting at Transmission Gallery Glasgow for Book Week Scotland (2013). In 2013, he undertook a 4-month residency at Triangle France, Marseille sponsored by Patricia Fleming Projects, Glasgow City Council International Office and Creative Scotland and in 2014 was awarded a Creative Scotland Artist Bursary. Oliver holds a BA from Falmouth College of Arts and MFA from Glasgow School of Art. He collaborates with artist Ellie Harrison to present the Ellie & Oliver Show, a radio project which has been presented with CultureLab Radio (2012), Newcastle, the Edinburgh Art Festival (2012), Glasgay (2012) and Glasgow Open House (2014). Oliver’s practice explores definitions of objects, from their objecthood to their subsequent social application, through experimental collaborative and curatorial compositions. His art works are influenced by “an aleatoric sensibility uncovered under popular 21st century thinking; observations of Objects wandering with Wellbeing”.

More information on Oliver Braid here:

Bruce Asbestos – In Conversation

Bruce Asbestos joins the curator of the A/B Testing exhibition, Grace Beaumont, in conversation.

in Conversation

Concrete at Hayward Gallery

They will discuss the artwork in Concrete cafe and how it fits into Bruce’s wider practice as an experimenter of digital and social media, popular culture, marketing and small-scale production.

An active internet presence is at the core of his practice: his online TV show, The Social Media Takeaway, uses the quick-fix, low-brow, throw-away nature of YouTube as a platform to produce artworks and performances.

The effectiveness of emails, web pages and social media posts are tracked by marketers using a process known as A/B testing. Two versions of the same email or webpage are sent for use by a small section of a larger group or mailing list. The most effective design, based on the resulting clicks and interaction, is then used for the whole mailing list, or becomes the standard for a particular webpage.

Asbestos uses this method of selection and improvement as a starting point for the series of open-ended video works made for this exhibition. Using YouTube’s data and tracking tools he monitors the behaviour of people watching the videos in order to gather information that shapes and informs the work.

Incorporating the method of A/B testing with lessons from YouTube’s ‘Creator Academy’, Asbestos ‘improves’ the works on show during the dates of this exhibition, regularly replacing them with versions that have been technically, conceptually and aesthetically refined.

Bruce Asbestos was born in Brighton, UK. He completed his MA in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University, during which he completed a two month scholarship at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Asbestos currently works in Nottingham with the art collective Reactor and is working towards season three of The Social Media Takeaway.

A/B Testing is curated by Grace Beaumont, Hayward Gallery Administrator.


Bruce Asbestos, A/B Testing, 2014. Still from digital video. Courtesy the artist


TETHER – Made for TV – Nottingham Contemporary


Tether’s ‘Made for TV’ takes the form of a talkshow with invited experts on the subject of artist broadcast including Johan Grimonprez (Director of the iconic dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y), Kris Paulsen (Assistant Professor, Film and Media, The Ohio State University) and Colin Perry (Reviews Editor, Moving Image Review & Art Journal).

‘Made for TV’ is hosted by artist and Social Media Takeaway presenter Bruce Asbestos.

In this lively discussion Kris Paulsen will explore the history of guerrilla video makers in the US and the sanctioned avenues for distribution. Colin Perry focuses on experimental documentary film and broadcast in the UK between 1970s – late 1980s whilst Johan Grimonprez relates home made productions, and a reality that is defined by ‘buffering time’, back to ‘zapping’ and the remote control.

Live Broadcast Online with interventions from Vanilla Galleries, Superlative TV and the Artist Group Formerly known as ESPTV

Visit www.tethervision.co.uk to see newly commissioned videos and texts from mid-June.

Watch the entire video from the event below, filmed at Nottingham Contemporary in front of a live audience and bank of editing equipment downstairs in the ‘Space’, in front of a formidable green screen.

Running Time : 2:09:38

Bruce was also previously part of Tether’s ‘Black Swan’ Game show for Sideshow, in which he played a screwy scorekeeper-of-sorts.

IMAGE: Tom Rubnitz & Ann Magnuson, Made for TV,1984. (C) the artists and LUX

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