Bruce Asbestos



MTN DEW 2015

Image still from an 8 Second looped screensaver

Commission by EM15 for Venice Biennale 2015 (Launches 27 April 2015)

Over the last five years I’ve ​experimented​ with digital and social media, popular culture, marketing and small-scale production.​ ​An active internet presence ​was​ at the core of my practice: my online TV show,The Social Media Takeaway, used​ the quick-fix, low-brow, throw-away nature of YouTube as a platform to produce artworks and performances. I’m currently taking a well earned #SOCIALMEDIASABBATICAL to concentrate on a series of ​artworks.

The work for Sunscreen; ‘MTN DEW’ 2015 – Is the first ​in the series ​of ​alternative adverts for ​well known brands​, which riffs on my recent exhibition at the Hayward Gallery’s Cafe Concrete, which was knee deep in colourful internet memes, MLG Parody in-jokes and straight faced YouTube How-Tos.