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(WEBSITE 72dpi)- Bruce Asbestos - Bluecoat Gallery (FEB 2022) - ©Rob Battersby 46.jpg

OK! Cherub!

Feb - June 2022 Bluecoat, Liverpool, UK

Newly commissioned work by Bruce Asbestos includes three giant inflatable sculptures: a yellow worm, a collection of frogspawn and a giant arm.

Each sculpture represents, and takes its name from, a different aspect of positive mental health. A giant yellow worm represents Rest, a group of green frogspawn represents Community and a giant cartoon arm represents Connection.


The work has been developed in response to the Bluecoat's historic building and courtyard, particularly the architectural features such as the cherubs that adorn the façade.

Eye of Newt Image
A giant inflatable artwork
Installation of giant inflatables
Commnunity by Bruce Asbestos
OK! Cherub, Installation Shot
Bluecoat Liverpool
Bluecoat Liverpool with Bruce Asbestos artwork

Photos by Rob Battersby

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