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Catwalk of Bruce Asbestos x Juliana Sissions
Design and Production Bruce Asbestos Juliana Sissons 
Models Matteo, Charlie, Paud, Wingshan, Katie, Row, Virgilio, Alison, Christos, Bruce 
Photography and Video Reece Straw
Makeup Christos Gkenoudis
Filmed at Primary 22nd August 2019
- - -

Juliana Sissons is a knitwear designer, educator and freelance pattern cutter with clients including Alexander McQueen, Shelley Fox, Hewitts of Savile Row and the BBC. Her work has also been commissioned by artists including Leigh Bowery, Andrew Logan, Britney Spears and style icon Isabella Blow.

Bruce Asbestos is an artist whose approach to art is multimedia, collaborative and positions artwork firmly in the public domain. He creates performances, video, and artworks on social media, that looks at the artistic potential of different pop cultures. He uses the catwalk as a strategy to make artwork in a creative space that merges different contexts; contemporary art, fashion, performance, and theatre.

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