Thu 12 May 2022 – Sun 26 Jun 2022

Broadway Gallery is very pleased to announce - Gallery Went Pop a new ambitious exhibition by artist Bruce Asbestos. Presenting a plethora inflatable sculptures, gargantuan screen-prints and thousands of stickers, where Bruce Asbestos takes a maximalist and playful approach to exhibition making.   


Gallery Went Pop is a thorough investigation into the face of one of Bruce’s characters ‘Rest’ a giant yellow worm, whose face becomes a hyper-repetitive-icon throughout the exhibitions. Bruce started working with cartoon characters in 2019, including painting versions of Spongebob Squarepants and Mickey Mouse. He wanted to start building his own fleet of characters to deploy in a range of painting and sculptural work.

Bruce Asbestos said, “I wanted to both make an exhibition that is a lot of fun, but I’m also seriously looking at what makes an Icon, this exhibition, I wondered what happens when you repeat, repeat, repeat, what meaning is lost or gained through that?” 


His work draws from a rich history of painting, sculpture, popular culture, folklore and fairy tales. His work frequently mixes everyday objects with high art, fashion, and responds to global pop culture. His interdisciplinary practice combines performance, painting, clothing, social media, video games, curating and many collaborations.

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