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​Online Digital Catwalk 

Holden Gallery, Manchester and Microneme, Wuhan, China

7:30pm Thursday 26th August 2021

The Holden Gallery & Microneme, Wuhan have come together to present a digital catwalk from Bruce Asbestos, featuring his new Cruise Collection, mixing real footage and digitally rendered clothes. As this is a digital event, all attendees can enjoy front row seats.

Join us at 7:30pm to watch the live broadcast on Facebook or via the Manchester School of Art Youtube Channel.

Informed by a research trip through the UK, US and China the work muses on the power of cultural identity within a globalised visual culture and will feature wild interpretations of pop cultural icons, often from the perspective as an outsider. Expect references from anything from Sci-fi films to Shakespeare’s Macbeth including Bruce's recurring motif of the ‘Eye of Newt’.

Bruce Asbestos Cruise Collection is made possible by the support of UK-China Connections through Culture 2020-21.

Doughnuts from the Cruise Digitial Collection
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