"Bruce Asbestos  presents his AW18 collection based on the traditional folk story, Hansel and Gretel. We took the original inspiration from Bruce’s collection and turned it into a humorous fashion story with a nod to the dark fairytale."

“I think about artworks as little narratives, and I use different methods to tell a story...There is something about the pace of it I find appealing, which these small and simple narratives seem to fit into.”

 He finds this confusion attractive, allowing us to question “whether these little images [on Instagram] are artworks themselves, about artworks, or documentation of artworks”.

"Asbestos released 1,000 video pieces on YouTube at once yesterday--a deluge of idiosyncratic clips...maybe Asbestos is playing the role of spectator and is waiting to see what the Internet will make of the extreme quantity of work."

"I think I prefer systems that don’t already have an artiness subscribed to them, I prefer Youtube to Vimeo...I think it is more attractive to undermine an intended function, there is a little bit of a thrill you can get by seeing these things as a challenge. How can I make this interesting?"

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