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 MARWIO Cruise   Collection 2023 


Our first Ai Generated Catwalk using a video game as inspiration. Mainly just to see what was possible, and if it's any good and if we lose a teeny weeny part of our soul when you use computers for the creative bit, surely that's the work of the artist? Does everything become more bland? Or is it just another tool, surely photoshop put a few people out of a job when it was first released in 1990? Ah well, we quite like what the bot has produced, see for yourself:  

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S/S 2023 Goblands Catwalk

QUAD Gallery proudly presented Bruce Asbestos GOB LANDS S/S 2023 - A Regurgitated Catwalk, live in the gallery.
An audience joined us at QUAD to experience a catwalk like no other to the backdrop of the exhibition Eye of Newt 2.0 by Bruce Asbestos.
During the catwalk, Bruce showcased a regurgitated series from his Autumn 2022 show. Drawing on the intersection between art, fashion, performance and pop culture, Bruce’s hand-made sculptural outfits flip high fashion on its head.

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The Holden Gallery presents Bruce Asbestos’ A/W 2022 catwalk, live in the gallery.


Drawing on the intersection between art, fashion, performance and pop culture, his hand-made sculptural outfits flip high fashion on its head, boasting a fantastical absurdity which is unmistakable to Bruce Asbestos’ arresting artistic identity.


Expect references from pop culture iconography and folklore combined with Bruce’s distinctive inflatable sculptures.

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Doughnuts Cruise 2021.jpg


Informed by a research trip through the UK, US and China the work muses on the power of cultural identity within a globalised visual culture and will feature wild interpretations of pop cultural icons, often from the perspective as an outsider.


Expect references from anything from Sci-fi films to Shakespeare’s Macbeth including Bruce's recurring motif of the ‘Eye of Newt’.

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S/S 2021 employs experimental 3D modelling and rendering to create a playful digital catwalk for his Bruce Asbestos' Spring/Summer collection.


Informed by research trips to New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia combined with Asbestos’s love of American pop culture, the outfits shown on the catwalk muse on the power of cultural identity within a globalised visual culture.

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The collection utilises video game technology to generate ready-to-wear looks. Unlikely accessories, objects, shapes and motifs are combined into assemblages of creative possibilities and impossibilities.

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Design and Production: Bruce Asbestos and Juliana Sissons 

Models: Matteo, Charlie, Paud, Wingshan, Katie, Row, Virgilio, Alison, Christos and Bruce 

Photography and Video: Reece Straw

Makeup: Christos Gkenoudis

Filmed at: Primary, 22nd August 2019

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Based on Hansel & Gretel, a traditional folk story made popular by the Brothers Grimm the event will showcase new outrageous outfits, complicated characters and beautiful ready-to-wear clothes.


The performative event will focus on the transformative nature of things in the story; houses can be made of food, birds can be used as boats and children can become murderers.

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