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26th - 31st June

Factory International at Aviva Studios,


Bruce Asbestos’ Hooboos take over the Social and Undercroft as part of our Schools Takeover. Drop by with the whole family to meet these giant, playful monsters.

Bruce Asbestos worked with young people on the Factory International Schools programme to create the Hooboos – a series of brand-new works for their takeover. Explore the family of Hooboos alongside Octopus and Mega Bunny, which was inspired by a small drawing Bruce made 20 years ago.

Bruce’s work blends high art, popular culture and personal branding to create a unique visual identity. He explores the complexities of cultural identity in a globalized world and our relationship with consumer culture. He often uses spaces such as social media, the catwalk and virtual realities to create an accessible pathway through contemporary art.

Recent projects and exhibitions include Mega Bunny & Friends (SPILL Festival), Bootleg Shreg & Friends (Humber Street Gallery), Eye of Newt 2.0 (Derby QUAD), New British Informal (Browns East, London), Burple Purple (Recent Activity, Birmingham) and Ok! Cherub! (Bluecoat, Liverpool).

The Hooboos take over Aviva Studios for five days – come and say hello!

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