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Opening at Humber Street Gallery on 14 July throughout the building is BOOTLEG SHREG & FRIENDS by Bruce Asbestos. An exhibition that invites you to enter the world of ‘Shreg’ and collaborate in designing this unique character. The show explores the idea of combining the best qualities of popular green cartoon characters like Shrek, Yoda, the Grinch, Yoshi, or Luigi to create a brand new one. The exhibition features interactive inflatables, paintings, sculptures, and mixed media pieces in various mediums for visitors to enjoy.

BOOTLEG SHREG & FRIENDS is a tribute to unusual green characters from pop culture that use their strength, wisdom, love of adventure, sharp wit, or unwavering determination to overcome challenges and protect their loved ones. In Space 1, visitors can assemble the new character from inflatable shapes and in Space 2, they can make their version of SHREG using plasticine and check up on Asbestos’s sculptural homework.

This is an imaginative exhibition that introduces a fresh character in an exciting and thought-provoking way, through a collection of new works commissioned by Humber Street Gallery.

Alongside this exhibition, Humber Street Gallery will be hosting supporting events as part of a public programme. This includes a free entry Exhibition Launch Party on 13 July, An Evening with Critical Fish (27 July) to unpick the show’s themes, and an online Artist Talk with Bruce Asbestos (7 September).

In addition, there will be a special Thursday Lates event hosted by the artist on 17 August. Horrible House will be a night of DJs, “open” house music and a bring-your-own DIY catwalk extravaganza.

Keen cosplayers and fancy-dress enthusiasts are invited to walk a makeshift green catwalk. House music-makers in Hull can also submit original tracks to Bruce Asbestos for a chance to be played on the night.

To submit music, email using the subject line “Horrible House”, with your Name, Track Title and an MP4 or AIFF download link before 7 August.

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