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Cloudland Companions Render 1
Cloudland Companions Render 2
Cloudland Companions Logo
Cloudland Companions Render 3

Cloudland Companions present an exceptional opportunity for institutions, organisations and businesses to engage in a novel, dynamic, and innovative contemporary art project that not only holds profound artistic value but also promises to captivate broad audiences. Artist Bruce Asbestos, is known in the contemporary art world for his imaginative and eclectic works, will embark on this ambitious art project – a modular inflatable art installation entitled ‘Cloudland Companions’.


Cloudland Companions, uses the idea of friendship and community as the basis for fun, modular installation, suitable for installation indoors and outdoors. Scale of the works ranges from 50cm to 3m, the small ones can be sat on to admire the view.

Cloudland Companions, is attractive to a range of ages and audiences, and is a great talking point starting point to highlight the importance of communities and friendships.

This also presents an excellent opportunity to generate substantial audience figures. Bruce’s inflatable artwork at the Bluecoat, Liverpool doubled the usual half term audience figures.

This project promises to bring an immersive and accessible art experience to the public in a way that is truly unprecedented.

Bruce's work, documented on his website,, showcases his distinct artistry in conceptual and performance art, fashion, and digital media. His unique pieces have resonated with audiences worldwide, carving out a unique space in the contemporary art scene.

The grand opening of this touring programme is scheduled for July 2024 and will proceed to different locations over a set timeframe. This gives participating institutions a perfect opportunity to attract a diverse range of visitors and elevate their recognition in the contemporary art space.

Safety and durability are at the forefront of our considerations. The modular inflatable art installation has been designed and tested to ensure it can withstand diverse weather conditions. However, in the interest of absolute safety, we do recommend avoiding operation during storms and high winds. At the end of their working life, the artworks can be recycled into bags and wallets. 

Our mission with this project is to forge a bridge between high-concept art and public accessibility. By hosting this exhibit, your institution will be at the forefront of this exciting venture, taking a bold step towards a future where contemporary art is within everyone's grasp.

We kindly invite you to explore this opportunity further and become a part of this visionary project. Let's collaboratively create an immersive, innovative, and memorable art experience that will captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression in the contemporary art scene.

Please feel free to reach out to us for further discussion. We would be delighted to provide more details and address any questions you may have.

We look forward to your favourable response and a fruitful collaboration.

Kind regards,
Bruce Asbestos and team.

- Images above from initial sketches and generated renders -
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"Through his shrewd use of social media, personal re-hashing of global pop culture and use of new digital technologies, he has established an unmistakable visual identity and unique brand (complete with logos) to almost become a living artwork."

Art Review

"This is Art for the social media age." The Stylist

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