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A Friendly Yellow Bunny on  Blue Background

Leaping from the imagination of artist Bruce Asbestos, Mega Bunny and friends Egg Cat and Octopus will be taking over Ipswich this October.

Inspired by the secrets of Blue Zones the artist hopes to encourage friendship and a positive outlook with his giant inflatable animal sculptures.

Mega Bunny + Friends is part of SPILL Festival from 13-29 October 2023

Bruce Asbestos’ work draws from a rich history of painting, sculpture, popular culture, folklore, and fairy tales. He frequently mixes everyday objects with high art, fashion, social media, video games, and global pop culture.

With the artist attracting over 6 million views on TikTok and 1.5 million views on YouTube, his new sculptures Mega Bunny, Egg Cat, and Octopus look set to get everyone talking.

The huge inflatable cartoon-like sculptures will bring colour and playfulness to Cornhill and

Buttermarket Centre as part of the spectacular SPILL Festival running across the city from 13-29 October 2023.

Drawing inspiration from the global fascination with Blue Zones (areas in the world where people live longest) Asbestos wants Mega Bunny + Friends to highlight the rewards of supportive friendships and the benefits of cultivating peace of mind with a positive outlook. Both are common across all Blue Zones and are the most likely secrets of a long and happy life.

Visitors to Cornhill are encouraged to befriend Mega Bunny and friends.

Why is the giant purple Octopus unhappy? Can you cheer them up with a smile, a cheery wave, or your funniest joke? Is the four-metre high Mega Bunny hungry? Will they steal your chips or your heart? Look out for more sculptures by Bruce Asbestos popping up in the Buttermarket Shopping Centre, you might come across Rest a giant 12m yellow worm, and Eye of Newt a community of giant green eyes. 

Bruce Asbestos, says

“The work is inspired by the idea that great friendships and community can extend life. This is scientifically supported. I wanted to make a monument to friendship and create a fun meeting point for the people of Ipswich during SPILL festival.”


  • Bright yellow Mega Bunny is 4 metres high.

  • Purple Octopus is 3 metres in circumference and is partly influenced by the 1970s Japanese kids TV programme Kure Kure Takora (translation, Gimme Gimme Octopus).

  • Egg Cat brings to life a cat with an egg-shaped body, and is over 5 metres long.

  • Mega Bunny + Friends is open daily from 10am to 7pm during SPILL Festival (apart from 21 and 22 October).

  • Bruce Asbestos will lead a guided tour on Sat 14th Oct at 12pm in Cornhill.

For more information about Bruce Absestos visit

For further information about SPILL Festival visit

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