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Eco Friendly Dustbins

Updated June 2023

We will execute the recommendations in the guide - Greening Arts Practice by Chrysalis Arts, and

to make a 2 year plan for reducing the impact on the environment through my arts practice.

We will also define what data we should track, what changes we have made and what changes we need to make in the near, mid-term and long-term.

Some existing changes we have made and/or are in the process of making: 

-  Light changes in the studio to LED strip lights using approx 18% less electricity than standard strip lights

-  Use van that meets the ULEZ and clean air zones standards for national transport

-  Swap from polystyrene to reclaimed cardboard for some small sculpture armatures

-  Repurpose materials from catwalk collections where possible e.g A/W 2022 became S/S 2023

-  Swap from Fiberglass to water based Jesmonite for outdoor sculptures

- Travel to and from studio in a car with a low C02 136 g/km ( 150g/km is considered low)

- Initiating Vegan lunches (or Veggie if not an option)

- Primary (studio complex) is making a material store to increase the reuse of materials, and sharing of existing materials between artist. 

Some ideas we're thinking about

- Putting 0.5% of each exhibition budget to buying part of a forest or supporting a charity

- Separate Recycle bins to make recycling easier

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